SICA·Hurun Global Art List 2020 – In Search of the World’s Most Successful Living Artists

UK-born David Hockney, 83, most valuable artist in the world alive today, with sales of his works at auction last year of US$130.64 million, just ahead of Germany-born Gerhard Richter, 88, with US$130.57 million

USA led with 15 of the Hurun Global Artists Top 50, ahead of China with 11 and the UK with 7.  ‘Big Three Countries’ made up two thirds of artists.

14 works of art sold for above US$10 million, led by Jeff Koons Rabbit, which sold for a new world record for a living artist at US$91 million

7 of the world’s 50 most successful artists alive today are female, led by Yayoi Kusama of Japan. Three of the seven are from the UK.

7 are 50 or under, led by Jonas Wood of the US and Adrian Ghenie of Romania, both aged 43. Average age 68yrs.

Leading Authority on Global Wealth releases inaugural Hurun Global Art List in association with Shanghai art auction house SICA.

(18 December 2020, Shanghai) The Hurun Research Institute today launched the SICA·Hurun Global Art List 2020, a ranking of the Top 50 Global artists alive today based on the sales of their works at public auction in the year ending 31 December 2019. This is the first year of the Hurun Global Art List.

The SICA·Hurun Global Art List 2020 comes in a ‘1+6’ format, led by a ranking of the world’s most successful artists alive today, together with six country rankings, including China, USA, UK & Ireland, Japan, India and Australia., a compiler of art statistics, provided the art auction data for non-China, whilst China data was from CAFA National Institute of Art and Cultural Policy.

Hurun Chairman and Chief Researcher Rupert Hoogewerf said, “The Hurun Global Art List is targeted at those who have the ability to collect, but don’t know where to start. There are just under 50 million dollar millionaires in the world today, many of whom have not yet started collecting art.  I hope this inaugural Hurun Global Art List can give them an entry point to understanding more about who the world’s best-selling living artists are.”

Table: SICA·Hurun Global Art List 2020 – Top 10

RankArtistSales US$’000AgeCountry
1David Hockney130,63883UK
2Gerhard Richter130,56988Germany
3Ed Ruscha116,88183USA
4Jeff Koons111,10365USA
6Yoshitomo Nara100,44261Japan
7Yayoi Kusama98,77691Japan
8Frank Stella61,75684USA
9Christopher Wool54,85365USA
10Cui Ruzhuo48,81376China

Source: Hurun Research Institute. provided the art auction data for non-China, whilst China data was from CAFA National Institute of Art and Cultural Policy.

Bradford-born David Hockney, 83, topped the Hurun Global Art List with sales last year at auction of US$130.64 million. His 1969 work Henry Geldzahler and Christopher Scott sold at Christie’s London for US$49.6 million. Half his works sold at auction in the US and half in the UK. Hockney lives between Yorkshire, London and California.

Gerhard Richter, 88, was second with sales last year of US$$130.57 million. His Vogelfluglinie sold for US$20.48million. His works have varied styles, covering Romanticism, Photorealism, Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism and Pop Art.

Ed Ruscha, 83, ranked 3rd. Born in Omaha in 1937, he is one of the pioneers of American pop art and conceptual art. Many unconventional materials (such as food, beverages, plants) have been used in the creation of his works. What is familiar to the public is his original Word Paintings series. Sales of Ruscha’s works made US$116.8 million.

Jeff Koons, 65, was fourth, and is best-known for combining pop culture and sculpture aesthetics, such as the stainless steel sculpture Balloon Dog. What caused an uproar in the art circle last year was his sculpture Rabbit created in 1986, which was sold for US$91 million.

Kaws, 46, by far the youngest artist in the Top 10, is from New Jersey and last year his works sold at public auction for US$108.59 million. Starting from pioneering graffiti art, Kaws has extended to dolls, sculptures, screen printing, collaborations with fashion stars, and cross-border creation of popular fashion brands.

Yoshitomo Nara, 61, was sixth with sales over US$100 million. In the 2019 Hong Kong Autumn Auction, Nara sold 18 works in Poly, Sotheby’s and Guardian, with a transaction rate of 94%.The house installation at Poly Auction was by far the largest artist’s work in auction, and represents the peak period of Nara’s creation.

Yayoi Kusama, 91, ranked 7th. The only female artist in the Top 10 and the eldest artist in the Top 10. Kusama is known as the ‘Queen of Polka Dots’, and has been popular all over the world for more than 70 years with her highly infectious avant-garde artistic creation and legendary artistic personality.

Frank Stella, 84. His simple geometric paintings made him the leader of the minimalist abstract art movement in the 1960s and one of the first painters to use three-dimensional canvas. In his paintings and sculptures, he often refers to music, literature, and philosophy, and injects intriguing connotations into abstract works. For example, the series Diderot in 1974 was named after a French philosopher in the 18th century; in the series Scarlatti in 2006, the name of each work was created by the Italian musician. Each piece in the 2006 Scarlatti series is named after an 18th-century keyboard sonata composed by the Italian musician.

Christopher Wool, 65. The artist emerged in the New York art world in the early 1980s, and is known for his text paintings, white canvas and black stencil letters. From the early 1990s to the present, screen printing technology has become the main form of Christopher Wool’s artistic creation. In the abstract paintings he created, he used a spray gun to spray out his ideas one after another, creating many dazzling paintings.

Cui Ruzhuo, 76, is the only China artist to make the Top 10. Cui has topped the Hurun China Art List for six years, and last year sales of his works came to US$49 million.

Table: World’s Top Living Artists by Country

The US had 15 of the Hurun Global Artists Top 50, ahead of China with 11 and the UK with 7. The Hurun Global Top 50 came from 14 countries.

 CountryNo. of Artists 
6South Africa1
6South Korea1

Source: Hurun Research Institute. provided the art auction data for non-China, whilst China data was from CAFA National Institute of Art and Cultural Policy.

Table: Most Expensive works of art sold at auction by living artists in the past year

The most expensive work of art sold at public auction in the past year was the 1986 sculpture Rabbit by Jeff Koons, which sold for a new world record by a living artist of US$91 million at Christie’s New York. Six of the Top 10 most expensive works sold last year were from American artists.

Most Expensive ArtworkHighest Result US$’000ArtistCountry
1Rabbit (1986)91,075Jeff KoonsUSA
2Hurting the Word Radio #2 (1964)52,485Ed RuschaUSA
3Henry Geldzahler and Christopher Scott (1969)49,562David HockneyUK
4Point of Pines (1959)28,083Frank StellaUSA
5Knife Behind Back (2000)24,950Yoshitomo NaraJapan
6Vogelfluglinie (1967)20,478Gerhard RichterGermany
7Lotus Pond in Autumn (2019)19,604Cui RuzhuoChina
8Vignette 19 (2014)18,488Kerry MarshallUSA
9The Kaws Album (2005)14,773KawsUSA
10Untitled14,000Christopher WoolUSA

Source: Hurun Research Institute. provided the art auction data for non-China, whilst China data was from CAFA National Institute of Art and Cultural Policy.

Table: Female artists of the Hurun Global Art List 2020

7 of the world’s 50 most successful artists alive today are female, led by Yayoi Kusama of Japan with sales of US$98.8 million last year. Three of the seven are from the UK.

RankArtistSales US$’000AgeCountry
1Yayoi Kusama98,77691Japan
2Cecily Brown22,51151UK
3Jenny Saville15,58450UK
4Julie Mehretu14,11150Ethiopia
5Bridget Riley12,89789UK
6Marlene Dumas10,53567South Africa
7Dana Schutz9,88844USA

Source: Hurun Research Institute. provided the art auction data for non-China, whilst China data was from CAFA National Institute of Art and Cultural Policy.

Table: Youngest artists of the Hurun Global Art List 2020

7 are 50 or under, led by Jonas Wood of the US and Adrian Ghenie of Romania, both aged 43.

ArtistAgeSales US$’000Country
Jonas Wood4322,485USA
Adrian Ghenie4317,470Romania
Dana Schutz449,888USA
Jenny Saville5015,584UK
Julie Mehretu5014,111Ethiopia

Source: Hurun Research Institute. provided the art auction data for non-China, whilst China data was from CAFA National Institute of Art and Cultural Policy.

Other Artists of Note

Pierre Soulages is the only artist from France to make the Hurun Global Artists Top 50 and at 101 years, is the oldest artist on the list. From the age of six, Soulages was obsessed with black. Black runs through Soulages’ entire artistic career and made his works popular in Eastern countries. In many of his works, the dark and light black elements are more or less similar to the form of Chinese ink painting, and both emphasize the artistic conception and charm, simplicity and atmosphere.

Jonas Wood, 43, the youngest artist in the Top 50. His wife, Shio Kusaka, was a ceramist, and they both had a passion for bottles. In Wood’s paintings, we can always find the shadow of Kusaka pottery vase. Wood changes the colour or size of the clay bottles, but when their works are placed together, one can immediately feel the mutual artistic influence between them.

Lee Ufan was born in a family with strong Confucianism in South Korea and was influenced by Eastern traditional thinking since childhood. While studying poetry, calligraphy, and painting, Lee became particularly aware of the natural appeal and profound environment of landscape paintings.

Tomoo Gokita, ranked 50th, Japanese artist. His father was a graphic designer for Playboy magazine in the 1970s, so he was so impressed that the images in erotic magazines became one of the important reference materials for Gokita’s later artistic creation. Interestingly, Kaws has a Gokita painting hanging on the wall of his living room.

Appendix – SICA·Hurun Global Art List 2020 – In Search of the World’s Greatest Living Artists

RankArtistSales US$’000AgeCountry
1David HOCKNEY130,63883UK
2Gerhard RICHTER130,56988Germany
3Ed RUSCHA116,88183USA
4Jeff KOONS111,10365USA
6Yoshitomo NARA100,44261Japan
7Yayoi KUSAMA98,77691Japan
8Frank STELLA61,75684USA
9Christopher WOOL54,85365USA
10CUI Ruzhuo48,81376China
11Pierre SOULAGES48,294101France
12LIU Ye48,00656China
13Morton Wayne THIEBAUD40,489100USA
14George CONDO36,41763USA
15Kerry James MARSHALL35,91565USA
16Albert OEHLEN31,15366Germany
17Richard PRINCE30,32371Panama
19HUANG Jiannan29,41768China
20Mark BRADFORD29,17259USA
21Fernando BOTERO27,45888Colombia
22Rudolf STINGEL25,67764Italy
23ZHOU Chunya23,98065China
24FAN Zeng22,95382China
25Cecily BROWN22,51151UK
26Jonas WOOD22,48543USA
27Takashi MURAKAMI20,99458Japan
28Damien HIRST20,92655UK
29Alex KATZ20,52093USA
30Adrian GHENIE17,47043Romania
31Georg BASELITZ17,33182Germany
32LENG Jun17,27357China
33Mark TANSEY16,25371USA
34ZENG Fanzhi15,78956China
35Jenny SAVILLE15,58450UK
36LEE Ufan15,44384South Korea
37Brice MARDEN15,25782USA
38Julie MEHRETU14,11150Ethiopia
39Anselm KIEFER13,71675Germany
40ZHANG Xiaogang13,35962China
41Bridget RILEY12,89789UK
42ZHU Yaokui12,45488China
43Mark GROTJAHN12,22152USA
44Marlene DUMAS10,53567South Africa
45Sean SCULLY10,46675Ireland
46Antony GORMLEY10,23370UK
47LIU Xiaodong9,91957China
48Dana SCHUTZ9,88844USA
49JIN Shangyi9,35886China
50Tomoo GOKITA9,10451Japan

Source: Hurun Research Institute. provided the art auction data for non-China, whilst China data was from CAFA National Institute of Art and Cultural Policy.

Appendix – Hurun China Art List 2020

RankRank ChangeArtistSales US$’000Change yoy %AgeCategory
10Cui Ruzhuo48,813-62%76Chinese Ink
211Liu Ye48,006416%56Oil
31Huang Jiannan29,4173%68Oil/Chinese Ink
4-2Zhou Chunya23,980-47%65Oil
5-2Fan Zeng22,953-33%82Chinese Ink
6NewLeng Jun17,27357Oil
7-2Zeng Fanzhi15,789-35%56Oil
8-2Zhang Xiaogang13,359-33%62Oil
96Zhu Yaokui12,45446%88Oil/Chinese Ink
1023Liu Xiaodong9,919119%57Oil
117Jin Shangyi9,35820%86Oil
1224Zhou Yansheng9,241128%78Chinese Ink
13-5Chen Zhongzhou8,793-45%42Chinese Ink
146Liu Wei8,02612%55Oil
1511Liu Guang6,6295%51Chinese Ink
1625Li Zhen5,65257%57Sculpture
17-3Huang Yongyu5,365-38%96Chinese Ink
1831Wang Guangyi4,79260%64Oil
1926Chen Peiqiu4,64448%98Chinese Ink
209Fang Chuxiong4,631-19%70Chinese Ink
217Wang Mingming4,438-27%68Chinese Ink
2224Huo Chunyang4,38340%74Chinese Ink
2336Shi Qi4,33382%81Chinese Ink
2439Wang Xingwei4,26194%52Oil
259Zhu Ming4,003-8%82Sculpture
2648Fang Lijun3,941134%57Oil
27NewJia Aili3,77441Oil
28-4Liu Guosong3,705-43%88Chinese Ink/Oil
29-6Ren Zhong3,697-46%44Chinese Ink
30-3Luo Zhongli3,109-49%72Oil
31-9Sun Qifeng3,081-56%100Chinese Ink
3224Wang Ziwu2,7266%84Chinese Ink
33-8Shi Guoliang2,714-58%64Chinese Ink
34-11Guan Weijun2,680-42%64Oil
35-23He Jiaying2,614-74%63Chinese Ink
3614Shang Yang2,485-14%78Oil
3742Zhao Bandi2,46854%54Oil
38NewHao Liang2,44337Chinese Ink
3928Han Meilin2,44026%84Chinese Ink
40NewMao Xuhui2,38164Oil
41NewChen Danqing2,34367Oil
42-12Yue Minjun2,333-59%58Oil
438He Duoling1,927-33%72Oil
440Lin Yong1,915-40%78Chinese Ink
4542Mi Qiaoming1,78142%34Oil
46NewCai Guoqiang1,65363Contemporary Art
4713Tian Liming1,620-32%65Chinese Ink
4810Jia Youfu1,614-35%78Chinese Ink
49NewYang  Feiyun1,59866Oil
5019Fan Yang1,554-19%65Chinese Ink
5135Nan Haiyan1,55014%58Chinese Ink
52-5Xu Lele1,408-54%65Chinese Ink
53NewDuan Jianyu1,32748Oil
54NewDing Yi1,32158Oil
552Wang Yong1,267-50%72Chinese Ink
5622Zeng Fu1,257-22%85Chinese Ink
57NewOuyang Zhongshi1,22892Chinese Ink
583Wang Yidong1,170-49%65Oil
59-24Yu Youhan1,159-71%77Oil
60NewZhang Enli1,15355Oil
61NewPang Maokun1,13257Oil
62-10Shen Peng1,051-62%89Chinese Ink
6317Chen Ping1,028-36%60Chinese Ink
6432Xu Bing966-5%65Oil
6510Feng Dazhong858-48%71Chinese Ink
66-4Liu Wei857-62%48Oil
67NewWang Guangle84744Oil
68NewLiang Yuanwei80543Oil
698Liu Dan796-50%67Chinese Ink
70-4Pang Jun792-61%84Oil
71-40Wang Huaiqing747-86%76Oil
72-28Mao Yan734-76%52Oil
73-58Liu Dawei726-91%75Chinese Ink
74-24Xiong Honggang712-73%61Chinese Ink
75-10Wang Xijing670-64%74Chinese Ink
76-60Xu Qinsong668-91%68Chinese Ink
77NewChen Fei62937Oil
78NewLu Yushun62558Chinese Ink
79-11Yu Jigao610-66%88Chinese Ink
80-21Feng Yuan532-75%68Chinese Ink
81-10Guo Runwen531-67%65Oil
82NewYang Ermin49254Chinese Ink
83NewWang Jianwei46762Image
83NewTai Ping46760Oil
85NewZhan Wang45458Sculpture
86NewLi Guijun43956Oil
87-9Tang Yongli422-71%69Chinese Ink
88NewYin Chaoyang41950Oil
89NewChen Yongqiang41272Chinese Ink
90-27Jia Guangjian390-71%56Chinese Ink
91NewXu Lei37857Chinese Ink
92NewWang Yin36456Oil
93NewLi Jin33962Chinese Ink
93-75Ai Xuan339-95%73Oil/Chinese Ink
95NewSui Jianguo33564Sculpture
96NewJi Dachun29052Oil
96-12Jiang Hongwei290-75%63Chinese Ink
98-61Xue Liang286-93%64Chinese Ink
99-9Long Rui258-75%74Chinese Ink
100-33Chen Wenji251-86%66Oil

Source: Hurun Research Institute. Data was from CAFA National Institute of Art and Cultural Policy.

Appendix – Hurun US Art List 2020

RankArtistSales US$’000AgeMost Expensive ArtworkHighest Result US$
1Ed RUSCHA                    116,881            83Hurting the Word Radio #2 (1964)           52,485,000
2Jeff KOONS                    111,103            65Rabbit (1986)           91,075,000
3KAWS                    108,587            46The Kaws Album (2005)           14,772,677
4Frank STELLA                      61,756            84Point of Pines (1959)           28,082,500
5Christopher WOOL                      54,853            65Untitled           14,000,000
6Morton Wayne THIEBAUD                      40,489           100Encased Cakes (2011)             8,464,800
7George CONDO                      36,417            63DAY OF THE IDOL (2011)             3,735,000
8Kerry James MARSHALL                      35,915            65Vignette 19  (2014)           18,488,000
9Richard PRINCE                      30,323            71Park Avenue Nurse (2002)             6,186,800
10Mark BRADFORD                      29,172            59Helter Skelter II (2007)             8,475,250
11Jonas WOOD                      22,485            43Japanese Garden 3 (2019)             4,928,500
12Alex KATZ                      20,520            93Blue Umbrella I (1972)             4,151,368
13Mark TANSEY                      16,253            71Repairing the Wheel (1996)             3,390,000
14Brice MARDEN                      15,257            82Number Two (1983/84)           10,920,600
15Mark GROTJAHN                      12,221            52Untitled (Yellow White Butterfly) (2005)             3,385,336
16Dana SCHUTZ                        9,888            44Civil Planning (2004)             2,420,000
17Sam GILLIAM                        8,816            87Pac (1970)             1,405,000
18Eddie MARTINEZ                        8,569            43High flying bird (2014)             2,009,749
19Richard SERRA                        7,822            81Judgments on a sheet (1973)             1,398,866
20John CURRIN                        7,495            58Tolbrook             3,615,000
21Carl ANDRE                        7,457            85Copper-Steel Alloy Square (1969)             2,973,525
22Jasper JOHNS                        7,055            90Figure 6 (1964-1972)             2,420,000
23Pat STEIR                        5,474            80Priscilla Waterfall (1991)                975,000
24Elizabeth PEYTON                        5,399            55May 1999 (Kirsty + Roe Kissing West 15th Street) (1999)                909,655
25Robert GOBER                        5,169            66The Split-Up Conflicted Sink (1985)             4,933,900
26Howard A. TERPNING                        5,008            93Coffee Coolers Meet the Hostiles (1982)             1,392,500
27Rashid JOHNSON                        4,097            43Untitled Escape Collage (2019)             1,160,000
28Cindy SHERMAN                        3,741            66Untitled Film Still #21 (1978)                808,370
29David SALLE                        3,603            68Bigger Rack (1998)                678,063
30Robert LONGO                        3,465            67Forest of Doxa (2013)                375,000
31Peter HALLEY                        3,349            67303 (1991)                400,000
32Barbara KRUGER                        3,260            75Untitled (When I hear the word culture I take out my checkbook) (1999)                519,000
33Henry TAYLOR                        3,138            62G Related (2004)                756,047
34Raymond PETTIBON                        3,035            63No Title (It Would Glisten…) (2010)             1,035,000
35Robert MANGOLD                        2,991            83Triangle within a Circle (1974)                901,768
36Tschabalala SELF                        2,872            30Sapphire (2015)                487,417
37Julian SCHNABEL                        2,305            69(Untitled) Chinese (2011)                278,535
38Jim DINE                        2,255            85Heart and Venus (1985)                225,000
39Laura OWENS                        2,171            50Untitled (2019)             1,124,000
40Larry POONS                        2,115            83Jessica’s Hartford (1965)             1,150,000
41Wade GUYTON                        2,035            48Untitled (2006)             1,340,000
42Bruce NAUMAN                        1,968            79From Hand to Mouth (1967)             1,575,000
43Jenny HOLZER                        1,953            70Red Yellow Looming (2004)                535,065
44Shara HUGHES                        1,915            39Georgia (2007)                337,500
45Joe BRADLEY                        1,894            45Muggles #9 (2013)                680,000
46Glenn LIGON                        1,860            60Stranger Drawing #6 (2004)                475,000
47Loie HOLLOWELL                        1,791            37Lady in Green (2014)                443,022
48David HAMMONS                        1,689            77Untitled (Body Print) (c.1970)                879,000
49Stanley WHITNEY                        1,689            74Winter Rap (2005)                367,441
50Richard H. PETTIBONE                        1,654            82Andy Warhol, ‘Flowers’, 1965, White-Yellow, 16 Variation  (2011)                221,454

Source: Hurun Research Institute. Data was from

Appendix – Hurun UK and Ireland Art List 2020

RankArtistSales GBP ‘000Sales US$’000AgeCountryMost Expensive ArtworkHighest Result US$
1David HOCKNEY104,511130,63883UKHenry Geldzahler and Christopher Scott (1969)                    49,561,791
2BANKSY23,73229,66546UKDevolved Parliament (2009)                    12,230,208
3Cecily BROWN18,00922,51151UKNight Passage (1999)                      4,120,690
4Damien HIRST16,74120,92655UKThe Stygian Shore (2007)                      2,660,000
5Jenny SAVILLE12,46715,58450UKJuncture (1994)                      7,153,346
6Bridget RILEY10,31812,89789UKOrphean Elegy 7 (1979)                      3,487,167
7Sean SCULLY8,37310,46675IrelandRed Bar (2003-2004)                      1,760,000
8Antony GORMLEY8,18610,23370UK2 x Splice (2010)                      1,086,092
9Tony CRAGG4,8526,06571UKConstant Change (2005)                      1,051,086
10Tracey EMIN3,2544,06857UKHurricane (2007)                        572,102
11Hurvin ANDERSON2,8863,60855UKBeaver Lake (1998)                      2,675,326
12Peter DOIG2,6993,37461UKSlushy Landscape (with fgures) (1995)                        918,411
13Julian OPIE2,1252,65662UKSam, schoolboy (2001)                        114,384
14Chris OFILI1,6872,10952UKAfro Love And Envy (2002-2003)                      1,202,696
15Thomas HOUSEAGO1,4441,80648UKWalking Man (1995)                        462,445
16Glenn BROWN1,4261,78354UKSenile Youth (2007)                      1,597,023
17Grayson PERRY1,1791,47460UKThe Guardians (1998)                        546,610
18Peter BLAKE9571,19788UKValentine (1960)                        371,718
19Genieve FIGGIS79599348IrelandBirth of Venus (After Alexandre Cabanel) (2018)                        303,465
20Marc QUINN70187656UKMasai mura ice sheet (2009)                        127,780
21Allen JONES65481883UKOne Step Back (1966)                        217,686
22Michael CRAIGMARTIN58072579IrelandCommissioned Portrait Untitled (George) (2007)                        232,644
23Sarah LUCAS57171358UKFloppy Toilet Uh (2017)                        175,000
24Peter BOOTH48961280UKUntitled (1999)                        469,615
25Richard LONG45957475UKGreen Slate Spiral (1980)                        140,953
26Rose WYLIE43254086UKQueen of Sheba with Gold Lump (2012)                        229,931
27Gary HUME43053858UKIn the Park (1997)                        107,788
28Jim LAMBIE41952456UKCareless Whisper (2009)                        232,158
29Edmund DE WAAL41351656UKA short history of the shadow (2010)                        146,440
30Callum INNES35644558UKExposed Painting Blue Lake (2012)                          62,500
31Peter HOWSON31138962UKCerberus (1992/93)                          65,511
32Rowan GILLESPIE30738467IrelandPortrait of a dreamer 1982 (homage to John Lennon) (1982)                          91,360
33John KELLY27834755UKMan Lifting Cow (Large) (2017)                          98,866
34Rachel WHITEREAD26332857UKUntitled (Black Books) (1996-1997)                        131,389
35Hughie O’DONOGHUE26132667UKThe Owl Run (2013)                        121,211
36Gerald SCARFE25431884UKPink Floyd: If you don’t eat yer meat…                          52,516
37Emily YOUNG24030069UKHelios                        172,790
38John STOBART23829791UKNew Orleans, 1871 (1979)                        109,250
39Jack VETTRIANO22528169UKPrivate Dancer                          88,467
40Sarah MORRIS22428053UKParadigm (Los Angeles) (2006)                        122,407
41Jason MARTIN21727150UKConcubine (2002)                          49,021
42Arthur Karl MADERSON21426778UKEvening, Glen Shelane (Near Cappoquin )                          14,309
43John WARD20425582UKVessel (1999)                          17,004
44Patrick HUGHES18823681UKAllsorts (c.1960)                          23,676
45David SHRIGLEY18423152UKCounter Editions (2018)                          10,580
46Geoffrey KEY18423079UKPiccadilly, Manchester (1965)                          20,891
47Maggi HAMBLING17421775UKCascading Wave (2007)                          42,806
48Kenneth WEBB15819893UKBallinasloe                          17,830
49Jake & Dinos CHAPMAN15719654, 58UKForehead (1997)                          49,851
50Albert WATSON14818578UKKate Moss, Marrakech (Contact) (1993)                          29,319

Source: Hurun Research Institute. Data was from

Appendix – Hurun Japan Art List 2020

RankArtistSales Japanese Yen 万元Sales US$’000AgeMost Expensive ArtworkHighest Result US$
1Yoshitomo NARA1,075,154100,48261Knife Behind Back (2000)24,949,674
2Yayoi KUSAMA1,056,89898,77691Interminable Net #4  (1959)7,953,215
3Takashi MURAKAMI224,63520,99458Miss Ko2 Original (Project Ko2) (1997)3,080,000
4Tomoo GOKITA97,4169,10451Be Just Like Family (2015)1,076,000
5Ayako ROKKAKU46,6334,35838Untitled (2017)188,686
6Hiroshi SUGIMOTO29,4992,75772Lake Superior, Cascade River (1995)400,000
7Kohei NAWA18,9451,77145PixCell – Double deer 2459,418
8Iwamoto MASAKAZU14,7991,38351Miniature Diary (2011)540,488
9Takesada MATSUTANI8,67081083Propagation 70(1970)151,406
10Moe NAKAMURA7,93074132Hopehole in heart90,646
11Izumi KATO7,33168551Untitled (2009)135,349
12Hiroshi SENJU6,92364762Waterfall62,897
13Nobuyoshi ARAKI6,79063580Tokyo Comedy (1997)80,141
14Jonathan MEESE5,63652750DER KÄMPFER de LARGE (Der Zeushagen von Troja de NEUTRAL) (2008)181,250
15Yoichi OHIRA3,76335274Unique vase (2002)45,625
16Leiko IKEMURA3,40531869Libelle (from: Wald) (1991)61,493
17Shio KUSAKA3,36531548(Line 65) (2017)100,000
18Koji KINUTANI3,18629877Mt. Fuji with Sun and Moon in gold35,418
19Hiroyuki MATSUURA2,70925356Bambi (Red Flasers) (2009)76,440
20Tadaaki KUWAYAMA2,64524788Untitled (1980)48,864
21Hiro YAMAGATA2,47523172Lunch time (original) (2004)9,412
22Hajime SORAYAMA2,41322673Future Mickey  (2004)17,735
23Kishio SUGA2,21120776Edge configuration (1993)27,081
24Aya TAKANO2,09219544Secrets of the Thousand Year Spiral: Tashiro-Ota (2013)79,625
25Tatsuo MIYAJIMA1,92017963Rainbow Sea-Scape (1970)58,190
26AY-O1,90317889Opposite Vertical (1991)47,500
27Chinami NAKAJIMA1,76416575Weeping cherry tree at Quiet night (2000)18,437
28Tadanori YOKOO1,67715784Forgotten windows on the castle wall (2012)32,486
29Chiharu SHIOTA1,51614248State of being (keys)44,411
30Noriko TAMURA1,46613776Wavering time20,923
31Keiichi TANAAMI1,40313184A Feast with Skeleton (2009)87,588
32Tadao ANDO1,32812479Untitled (2013)35,031
33Tadashi KAWAMATA1,29412167Favela in Houston (1991)41,225
34Mitsuru WATANABE1,11310467Secret of the Forest (2011)31,986
35Daido MORIYAMA1,08810282Stray Dog, Misawa (1971)12,799
36Riusuke FUKAHORI1,0159547Itoshiki-Sui (Schönes Wasser) (2008)27,636
37Satoshi YABUUCHI9689067Goko shii bo (Child thinking five Kalpa)13,351
38Toshiro AOKI9689073Japanese plum and vase (1992)30,774
39Hiroshi SUZUKI9358759Vase ‘Aqua-Poesy VII’ (2005)26,146
40Tadasuke KUWAYAMA9308785D-103 (1966)39,080
41Yoko ONO9248687Play It By Trust (1986/87)35,000
42Ai HAIBARA8568039A sound unable to issue (2009)32,317
43Yuko NASAKA8467982Work (1963)53,131
44Hayao MIYAZAKI8377879My neighbor Totoro31,951
45Susumu KOSHIMIZU8067576Water-Float-Vessel – Ishitsuri (Fishing Of Stone) (1988)28,829
46Mitsuo KANO7987587Breast Region – Or (1980)11,852
47Kimiyo MISHIMA7236888Untitled (c.1960)19,419
48Katsura FUNAKOSHI7106669Drawing no.0439 (2004)12,917
49Yasumasa MORIMURA6896469Self-Portrait As Art History (1998)18,750

Source: Hurun Research Institute. Data was from

Appendix – Hurun India Art List 2020

RankArtistSales Rupees lahkSales US$’000AgeMost Expensive ArtworkHighest Result US$
1Anish KAPOOR4,6756,23366Untitled (2004)          863,054  
2Rameshwar BROOTA1,2521,67079Anatomy of that Old Story (1970)          536,610  
3Krishen KHANNA72396495Drowning Girl (1970)          142,715  
4Raqib SHAW57176246An ode dissolving silk of dusk (2011)          407,154  
5Arpita SINGH53771583Ashvamedha (2008)          287,500  
6Sakti BURMAN38951885One Afternoon in the Sun (2005)          115,674  
7Subodh GUPTA38150856Vehicle for the Seven Seas (2004)          137,500  
8Atul DODIYA33644861Honeycomb (2000)          139,467  
9Thota VAIKUNTAM28738278Radha and Krishna (2006)            60,292  
10Jitish KALLAT27136146Untitled (Eclipse) – 6 (2007-2008)          100,008  
11ZARINA21628983Tears of the Sea (2011)          106,250  
12Himmat SHAH15320587Untitled            40,166  
13A. RAMACHANDRAN14919985Girl on the Swing (1976)            86,133  
14Satish GUJRAL14619595Ganesh (1989)            43,083  
15Manu PAREKH13518081Moonlight – Temples at Banaras (2017)            54,450  
16Gulam Mohammed SHEIKH10013383About Friends 3 (Composition In Green And Black) (1965/66)            80,891  
17Jagannath PANDA9913250The Migrant (2009)            31,727  
18Laxman PAI7510094Untitled (Procession)  (1949)            34,885  
19Laxma GOUD719480Untitled (1970-1972)            14,167  
20Ranjani SHETTAR709443Remanence from Last Night’s Dream (2011)            93,750  
21Paresh MAITY689055The Glow (1999)            41,140  
22Sudhir PATWARDHAN587871Cyclist (2005)            34,893  
23Lalu Prasad SHAW577683Untitled (1985)             9,523  
24Prabhakar KOLTE456074Untitled (1994)            22,468  
25Surendran NAIR445864Et In Ayodhya Ego …If Not, the Stygian Oath of Abjuration (2004-2005)            26,169  
26K. S. RADHAKRISHNAN435864Maiya as Graduate (2000)            20,935  
27T.V. SANTOSH364852Untitled (2008)            23,180  
28Shanti DAVE354656Tacit (1963)             9,850  
29Anju DODIYA344552Light My Fire (2005)            26,460  
30Rina BANERJEE334489Native siren (2007)            14,040  
31Paramjit SINGH303985Untitled (c.1960)            16,294  
32H.G. ARUNKUMAR293952Nandi            25,357  
33Jayashree CHAKRAVARTY283864Untitled (1989)            22,500  
34Baiju PARTHAN233164Legacy (Work / Force) (2015)            12,829  
35Arpana CAUR222966Where are all the Soldiers Gone (1984)            13,334  
36Shilpa GUPTA21294401:14.9 (2011/12)            28,555  
37Vibha GALHOTRA202742Missing (Weaver Bird Nest) (2007)            25,401  
38Shobba BROOTA182577Origin 26 (1988)             5,916  
39Tallur L.N.182449Halo Vs. Body (2014)            23,814  
40Narayanan AKKITHAM172381Untitled (2006)             8,829  
41Valay SHENDE172340Dabbawala (c.2015)            22,500  
42Krishnaraj CHONAT162147Private Sky (2007)            21,115  
43Vivan SUNDARAM162177Untitled (1992)             8,204  
44Manish PUSHKALE141947Aadi-Nath (2005)             4,514  
45Celia PAUL121761Self Portrait (2017)            16,423  
46Velu VISWANADHAN121680Untitled (2004)            11,980  
47Dhananjay SINGH121643I am Within You (2016)            15,341  
48Bose KRISHNAMACHARI121658Stretched Bodies             8,470  
49Sudarshan SHETTY121659Untitled (2006)            11,643  
50Syed THAJUDEEN121677Longing for Love (1996)             8,800  

Source: Hurun Research Institute. Data was from

Appendix – Hurun Australia Art List 2020

RankArtistSales AUS$Sales US$’000AgeMost Expensive ArtworkHighest Result US$
1John Henry OLSEN1,924,000134892Seafood Paella (2007)          1,241,358  
2Cressida CAMPBELL1,779,000124760Interior with Cat (2010)          1,147,941  
3Timothy Austin STORRIER1,615,000113271Starlight over the plain (Night coals) (2008)          1,042,101  
4William Francis ROBINSON1,095,00076784Morning Tallanbanna (1998)             706,566  
5Garry SHEAD800,00056178The Studio (2001)             516,338  
6Rick AMOR710,00049872Figure in a Landscape (2007)             457,855  
7Ronnie TJAMPITJINPA533,00037477Tingari Ceremonies at the Site of Pintjun             343,740  
8Yvonne AUDETTE276,00019390Conversation between the stars (1964)             178,068  
9Ildiko KOVACS226,00015858Float (2004)             145,868  
10Dale Leonard FRANK206,00014461A One Point Two Five Litre Bottle… (2009)             132,981  
11Kenneth Ronald WHISSON196,00013793Faces and Boatshape (1974)             126,321  
12Ben QUILTY169,00011847Skull Rorschach (2007)             109,019  
13Warlimpirrnga TJAPALTJARRI159,00011165Marawa             102,474  
14John MAWURNDJUL115,0008168Rainbow Serpent and Water Lilies (1997)              74,105  
15Richard LINTON104,0007385Flirtation/relationships I              67,114  
16Brook ANDREW87,0006150Australia I (2012)              56,276  
17Jason BENJAMIN84,0005949Who You Must Be (2004)              54,325  
18Alexander MCKENZIE79,1005549Canal, The Third Strike (2009)              51,032  
19Gloria Tamerre PETYARRE78,7005578Bush Medicine (1995)              50,793  
20Long Jack Phillipus TJAKAMARRA76,6005488Women’s corroboree (1972)              49,416  
21Jasper KNIGHT73,3005142Replica Endeavour (2011)              47,296  
22Tony DE LATOUR72,6005155S.F.O.              46,856  
23Criss CANNING66,7004773Still Life with Native Flowers and Pears (1985)              43,020  
24Bill HENSON65,0004665Untitled (1998-2000)              41,933  
25Lawrence M. DAWS48,0003493Waterlillies (c.1975)              30,994  
Top 50Lionel BAWDENTop 50Top 5046The Monsters (The Sense of Location) (2005)Top 50
Top 50Margaret BENOITTop 50Top 5079Tending the GardenTop 50
Top 50Jakayu BILJABUTop 50Top 5083Well 33 (2009)Top 50
Top 50Dean BOWENTop 50Top 5063Contained City (2006)Top 50
Top 50Elizabeth BROPHYTop 50Top 5094Market DayTop 50
Top 50Graeme DRENDELTop 50Top 5067Preparation of the Page (1999)Top 50
Top 50Geoffrey DYERTop 50Top 5073Upper Scamander River (1989)Top 50
Top 50Robert HAGANTop 50Top 5073Follow the LeaderTop 50
Top 50Dean HOMETop 50Top 5059Our Swimming Spot; The Biggest Splash of the Day (2012)Top 50
Top 50Abie LOY KEMARRETop 50Top 5048Sans titreTop 50
Top 50Ken KNIGHTTop 50Top 5064Change In the Weather – LorneTop 50
Top 50Sam LEACHTop 50Top 5047Rhinos With Evolution of Colour Terms (2014)Top 50
Top 50Jeff MAKINTop 50Top 5077Near St. Andrews (1972)Top 50
Top 50Noel MCKENNATop 50Top 5064Unplaced Effort (1992)Top 50
Top 50Danie MELLORTop 50Top 5049Bayi Dambun (Glades of Dusk and Shade) (2014)Top 50
Top 50Ron MUECKTop 50Top 5062Untitled (head of a man) (2001)Top 50
Top 50Lily Kelly NAPANGARDITop 50Top 5072Reve de femmes – Womens dreaming (2012)Top 50
Top 50David NOONANTop 50Top 5051Untitled (2015)Top 50
Top 50Gabriella Possum NUNGURRAYITop 50Top 5053Water hole (2008)Top 50
Top 50Jeannie MILLS PWERLTop 50Top 5055Bush YamTop 50
Top 50Emma SUMMERTONTop 50Top 5053Kloss & Quinn (2018)Top 50
Top 50Neil TAYLORTop 50Top 5075Cad Crisis (2013)Top 50
Top 50Ken UNSWORTHTop 50Top 5089Free Fall Series II – Stone Cube (1976)Top 50
Top 50Vicki VARVARESSOSTop 50Top 5071Make your face the focal point this season (1977)Top 50
Top 50Jenny WATSONTop 50Top 5069Alice Discovers GoldTop 50

Source: Hurun Research Institute. Data was from

About SICA

Shanghai International Commodity Auction Co., Ltd (SICA) is a comprehensive auction company authorized by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and the former National Internal Trading Ministry. It is the Vice President Company of China Association of Auctioneers, “AAA” grade auction enterprise in China auction industry and “5A” grade credit enterprise in Shanghai auction industry.

SICA is a professional auction agency providing the disposal of assets, assets realization, relevant assets management and consultation service. Recognized as the leading company in Chinese auction industry, SICA is one of the comprehensive auction companies featured with the most diversified products, the strongest marketing capability and the broadest lines of business including real estates, vehicles, supplies, equipment, cultural relics, artworks, collections and intangible assets, etc. It is the asset disposal platform for lots of financial institutions and state-owned groups, as well as the CIIE “6 days+365 days” perennial display trading platform. It is also a “Shanghai Brand” certified company, and was once elected to be a China Well-known trademark and Shanghai Famous Trademark.

It has been 32 years since SICA was established in 1988. As one of the oldest auction companies in China, SICA has always been at the forefront among all the comprehensive auction companies in China and has created lots of classic cases in Chinese auction industry these years.

SICA is equipped with a complete corporate governance structure and a strict internal control system. It is also the first company getting through the certification of ISO9001 and ISO27001 in this industry. SICA has become the designated agency for Shanghai monthly uncommercial vehicle quota auction since 1994. With the auction system invented by ourselves, millions of people have already joined in our online auction. This effective auction system has formed into several online auction platforms, including web version, Wechat, etc. The Wechat official account of SICA has millions of followers now, and SICA APP is also in official operation, which provides powerful technical support for our business transformation. At present, 98 percent of our auction has been moved into online platform.

With more and more new market focuses coming to the fore, SICA is now seizing the opportunity, promoting the internationalization, platformization and professionalization actively , to construct a high-quality interaction platform for auction items and resources during the collision of Chinese and Western cultures. SICA also focuses on helping the construction of “Five Centers” and the “Belt and Road Initiative”, and strives to be a Century Brand in domestic auction industry.

ABOUT ARTPRICE.COM BY ARTMARKET.COM by is the global leader in art price and art index databanks. It has over 30 million indices and auction results covering more than 763,000+ artists around the world. Artprice Images® allows unlimited access to the largest Art Market image bank in the world: no less than 180 million digital images of photographs or engraved reproductions of artworks from 1700 to the present day, commented by our art historians. by accumulates data on a permanent basis from 6,300 Auction Houses and produces key Art Market information for the main press and media agencies (7,200 publications). Its 4.5 million ‘members log-in’ users have access to ads posted by other members, a network that today represents the leading Global Standardized Marketplace® to buy and sell artworks at a fixed or bid price (auctions regulated by paragraphs 2 and 3 of Article L 321.3 of France’s Commercial Code).

Artmarket and its Artprice department was founded in 1997 by its CEO, thierry Ehrmann. Artmarket and its Artprice department is controlled by Groupe Serveur, created in 1987.

Artmarket with its Artprice department, has been awarded the State label “Innovative Company” by the Public Investment Bank (BPI) (for the second time in November 2018 for a new period of 3 years), which is supporting the company in its project to consolidate its position as a global player in the Art Market. is listed on Eurolist by Euronext Paris, SRD long only and Euroclear: 7478 – Bloomberg: PRC – Reuters: ARTF.

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Best-known today for the Hurun Rich List series, ranking the most successful entrepreneurs in China, India and the world, Hurun’s other key properties include the Hurun 500, a ranking of the world’s most valuable companies, and the Hurun Unicorn Index, a comprehensive listing of the world’s start-ups worth US$1bn or more.

Hurun provides research reports co-branded with some of the world’s leading financial institutions, real estate developers and regional governments.

Hurun hosted high-profile events in the last year across China and India, as well as London, Paris, New York, LA, Sydney, Luxembourg, Istanbul, Dubai and Singapore.

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