Commemorative banknotes for the Winter Olympics will be issued soon

According to the Great Wall New Media on December 12th, China’s central bank has announced to issue a set of commemorative banknotes for the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games on December 21.

The set, which includes a polymer note and a paper note. Both notes, with a denomination of 20 yuan (about $4.44), feature figure skaters and a freestyle skiing athlete on the front side, the Winter Olympics competition venues “Ice Cube” and “Snow Ruyi” on the back.

What is “Snow Ruyi” ? Why is it on the commemorative banknote? This video will give you the answer.


  1. I’m from Zhangjiakou, really want to watch the winter Olympic at home, unfortunately because of the pandemic, I couldn’t go home. Wish Beijing and Zhangjiakou host a successful Olympic.

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