PM says Moderna deal took time to get right

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is in Melbourne announcing the Moderna mRNA deal he says “is a cracking partnership for Australia. It’s a great partnership for Victoria, but more importantly, as Prime Minister, it’s a great partnership for the country. And our region where we’ll be a real powerhouse in this area.”

The PM has also anticipated an attack by Labor who is preparing to criticise the government over the time taken to secure the deal.

“With Moderna, we have a partner that ensures their IP, their knowledge, their advances in medical science can be brought here and be part of an ecosystem here that will see Australia be a leader in this area,” Morrison says.

“So we’re protecting Australians by keeping them safe. By advancing with this new partnership. We are building our sovereign capability here. Which protects Australia’s national interests. Our sovereign capability to manufacture these vaccines here in Australia. 100,000 up to a year capacity to do this in this arrangement is extraordinary.

“But we’ve got it right. We’ve spent the time to get it right. This is not an arrangement that you just rush into and do a deal in a coffee shop somewhere. This is something you do the meticulous work on. We worked with a number of states and we came to the very, I think, sensible conclusion here in the Victoria, we have the strong foundation to continue to build, not just a great research and collaboration infrastructure, but a powerhouse of medical manufacturing, that plays exactly into our economic goals of securing the economic recovery, one million Australians are now employed in manufacturing.

“We have restored that. And medical manufacturing will play a key role. We welcome the partnership both with Moderna and the Victorian state government to make this happen over 10 years. And finally, it’s about future proofing,” the PM says.

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