EHE International Successfully Applied for EHE Trading Centre OÜ License and Wallet License

Lately, EHE International announced that EHE International had successfully applied for two permanent licences for providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency and virtual currency wallet service, after a review and approval by the Estonian Monetary Authority.

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It is known that this is another significant progress of EHE International Digital Asset Exchange following the filing and approval of relevant digital asset services in Australia, Japan, EU and US.

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EHE Digital Asset Exchange (EHE International) is jointly created by Japan Sato Family Capital and the top global technology team in the blockchain industry, which is a fair, open, authoritative, comprehensive and secure blockchain trading platform. It provides cryptocurrency trading, digital asset futures trading and options trading.


EHE International has been providing fair, open, fair, authoritative, comprehensive and secure services in the field of blockchain digital assets wherever permitted by law. As the first country in the world to store medical technology in the blockchain, Estonia has been actively adopting blockchain technology in the hope of being at the forefront of the development of distributed technology, which is the same as EHE Internationals global development concept. said EHE International spokesman.

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It is believed that the two licenses from Republic of Estonian will give new impetus into the globalization process of EHE International.

Attached: Tips on how to search exchange licence of Estonian MTR

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