Health expert ‘stunned’ at single-model pandemic plan

University of Melbourne epidemiologist Professor Antony Blakely has questioned why the federal government is relying only on the one model provided by the Doherty Institute for its response.

“That’s not how the UK does it,” Blakely tells the state parliament inquiry into the NSW government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He says a single model could be wrong but a series of independent models agreeing gives people more confidence.

“I’m quite stunned at the lack of collegiality and how information is provided to government,” Blakely says.

Public Health Association of Australia chief executive Adjunct Professor Terry Slevin says more respect needs to be shown to health workers who are “busting their guts” to keep people safe.

“It’s important to understand there’s no country around the world who has done this perfectly,” Slevin says when asked if the NSW government could have improved its initial response.

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