Pet food industry to come under scrutiny

Whether your pooch could be poisoned by poxy pet food will be the subject of a new parliamentary inquiry sniffing out mongrels in the unregulated industry.

South Australian minor party Centre Alliance referred the issue to the upper house’s regional affairs committee on Wednesday.

The inquiry will look at the domestic manufacture and importation of pet food, with labelling and nutritional requirements to come under scrutiny.

More than 70 dogs have fallen ill and several have died in the past few months from megaesophagus, believed to be related to an issue with pet food.

Agriculture Minister David Littleproud welcomed the inquiry and has written to state and territory governments to ask them to consider imposing regulations on the industry.

“Having a pet die is an absolutely terrible thing. It can be like losing a family member,” Mr Littleproud said.

“The thought of those dogs in pain or dying is unacceptable. My dog Jacko is a good friend and losing him suddenly would be horrible.”

The committee’s report is due by the end of August.

Source: AAP

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