More than two per cent of Vic population has COVID-19

Acting Chief Health Officer Professor Benjamin Cowie says 2.5 per cent of the Victorian population now has COVID-19.

“In Victoria, [that’s] about 160,000 people, either confirmed or probable cases, having been tested by PCR or rapid antigen test … So in fact, there’s probably a significantly greater proportion of people if they’ve got mild symptoms and have decided to just stay at home and wait seven days.”

“We know that that’s an underestimate.

“It sounds like a shocking statistic, and it is on one level. On the other level, I’m not seeing that translate into the sort of hospitalisations that we would have with the first wave or indeed last year with delta.”

Cowie says omicron is milder than delta and high vaccination rates have helped keep people out of hospital.

“But that said, just with the sheer scale of transmission that we’re seeing, our hospital pressure is going to continue to increase to levels that we’ve not seen throughout this entire pandemic.”

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