Boxing day test and Australian Open to go ahead

Victoria will go ahead with the Ashes cricket test and the Australian Open tennis and Christmas celebrations will proceed, acting Premier James Merlino has told media.

“(There will be) no cap at the at the Boxing Day test. No cap for visitors at home to celebrate Christmas in New Year.

“But we are looking at and we’ll take the latest public health advice about what are some prudent common sense changes that we can make.”

Merlino says he would engage with health advisers ahead of national cabinet. He says there was a contract with the Victorian people about getting vaccinated and the events will go ahead.

“The Boxing Day test that’s already got the tick from the public health team through our major events process, so the public health advices events can happen. The Boxing Day test is happening there’s no cap.”

Merlino also assured the Australian Open tennis will also proceed.

“I ’m not foreshadowing any changes, we will have the Australian Open. It is one of our most successful events on our calendar.”

“And as people in the Northern Hemisphere, in the freezing months look down on sunny Melbourne as our elite tennis players fight it out.”

”The event will go ahead.”

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