Australia-China Textile and Apparel Digital Expo will open in 1st December2021

In order to help Chinese foreign trade companies break through the epidemic barriers and quickly match supply and demand with buyers from Australian countries, promote China and Australia economic and trade and capacity cooperation.

Hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of The People’s Republic of China, organized by Beijing Leading International Business & Exhibition Co., Ltd, the Australia-China Textile and Apparel Digital Expo will kick off on December 1st.

Up to now, the work of exhibitors registration has been fully promoted. More than 140 Chinese brand trade companies have been selected to sign up to participate in the exhibition. More than 1000 visitors from Australian countries will exhibit online.

This exhibition takes Chinese companies as the main exhibitors, takes the needs of Australian buyers as the core, adopts the newly upgraded “CCPIT Cloud Expo” platform, and relies on the Internet, big data and 5G technology to provide enterprises with online communication and negotiation opportunities, as well as accurate matching service.

The scope of exhibits focuses on clothing, fabrics, home textiles, clothing accessories, shoes, epidemic prevention supplies products. Special areas “Clothing”, “Textile”, “Homeware”, and “Accessories” will be displayed on the platform.

On the basis of fully summarizing the online exhibition experience and investigating the Australian market, combined with the current proportion of participating companies in the industry, the Textile and Apparel B2B Meeting will be held during the exhibition.

Through the form of “Cloud Conferences”, help alleviate the impact of the epidemic on foreign trade companies and break through shrinking demand and orders, reduce multiple dilemmas and unsmooth supply chains, unblock foreign trade communication channels, reduce the pressure on foreign trade-based small, medium and micro enterprises to survive and develop, and further strengthen supply and procurement docking services and matching efforts, and boost domestic enterprises to meet market demand.

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