$2.8 billion NSW support package

The NSW government has announced a $2.8 billion recovery package that includes:

–– $250 in additional vouchers for parents of school-aged children. The money can be used on the ‘Dine’ component of Dine & Discover voucher or the Stay & Rediscover accommodation voucher. This component of the package is worth $500 million.

– $250 million to help job seekers retrain or upskill.

– $212.2 million to boost sectors including the performing arts and outdoor dining venues.

– $739.3 million in household and social support, including housing support for vulnerable Aboriginal communities, expansion of solar rebates, support measures for victims of domestic and family violence, and vouchers to parents who have facilitated home learning for their children

– $495 million in education support to address learning gaps for children in need and to help schools adapt to future possible learning disruptions; and

– $130 million for a mental health recovery package for anyone whose mental health has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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