Melbourne could be out of lock before next weekend

Melbourne’s lockdown could end late next week, as the Chief Health Officer Professor Brett Sutton said high level of vaccination was bringing the 70 per cent coverage date early by three to four days.

This suggests the reopening could occur around Friday 22 October.

Melbourne was slated to move out of lock down on October 25, but with around 65 per cent of doses going to second doses the fully vaccinated rate is rising rapidly.

“It’s possible we are three or four days ahead of that original forecast,” Sutton said.

“As I’ve said all along, it kind of depends on each and every day on on those bookings getting fulfilled and people stepping up and getting that vaccine.

“There are some days where it drops off there are obviously some weekends where the primary care and pharmacy numbers are not as great.”

Sutton says the modelling that has been informing the reopening has its own uncertainties.

“Being absolutely fixated on 69 and 70 and a half percent is one thing and the same for dates.

“Around that time, we will know that we can make some moderate and and precautionary steps and then to see how things progress.”

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