Victoria reports 1143 new local cases, three deaths

Victoria’s daily COVID-19 cases have fallen, with 1143 cases reported and three deaths.

It follows a previous sharp spike in cases Thursday after 1438 cases were reported, with health authorities saying that increase was caused by households meeting up over the AFL grand final long weekend.

The increase pushes the seven-day average to 982 but with no sign yet increasing vaccine levels are suppressing case transmission or that case growth is tapering.

Vaccines are already improving the disease burden with the number of hospitalisations and ICU admission as a percentage of cases falling in both NSW and Victoria, as vaccination rates lift in both states.

Victoria now has more active cases than NSW.

As of yesterday there were 11,018 active cases in Victoria, compared with 10,130 cases in NSW.

Authorities said yesterday the spike in cases from the AFL grand final weekend meant the state was tracking in the upper quartile of the Burnet Institute projections.

This would see cases peak closer to 3000 cases, about twice the size of the NSW outbreak.

That’s predicted to occur at around the same time the state is expected to reach 70 per cent adult vaccine coverage and begin to reopen.

The state is expected to reach this coverage around October 26.

Victorian authorities have moved to bring that date forward by halving the second dose period for the Pfizer mRNA vaccine from six to three weeks. This is expected to bring the date forward by about four days.

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