NSW hopes for 90pc vaccination rate

Berejiklian is asked about why vaccination rates might be dropping.

“There are a couple of issues,” she says. “One issue is supply. We are grateful for the extra doses we have been given but there is a lumpiness in supply especially for younger people.

“The other challenge is because we had such a big push for first dose people need to wait a few weeks for their second so there are those issues as well.

“There is ample supply at the Qudos Bank Arena today. I have had the AstraZeneca and I encourage people to get vaccinated.”

There are still people over 50 who have yet to be vaccinated, Berejiklian says.

“There is no reason why anybody should not come forward to be vaccinated so we want to make sure that people come forward as quickly as possible. We have seen in other places around the world that things start to slow down between 70 per cent and 80 per cent, and we do not want to see that here.”

The NSW government wants to see vaccination rates hit 90 per cent.

“We want to make sure that we get as many people covered, as the higher we get [in terms of first doses], the quicker we get to 85 per cent or 90 per cent, that would bring us great joy.”

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