Vic needs to stop case growth by next week: Andrews

If Victoria’s case growth continues into next week, it will be “incredibly difficult” to stop a case explosion to the level of Sydney’s, Premier Daniel Andrews says.

“You’re always managing some level of risk, but what we know and can be absolutely certain of, if we continue to see these numbers in coming days and well into next week, it will be incredibly difficult to pull this up.

“Look at Sydney and what is happening there, we don’t want that … its only thousands indeed millions of individual choices that we make tonight, tomorrow, Sunday [that stop that].“

He says he doesn’t have any advice that the current situation is worse than today’s numbers suggest – there were 55 new local cases confirmed – but says there are definitely more infections out there than those figures reveal.

“There’s always more cases out there than you know about because not everyone gets tested … so you’ve always got to assume it’s out there somewhere,” he says.

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