Qld flu season one of the worst on record

Almost 200 people have died in one of the worst flu seasons in Queensland history as authorities continue to warn people to take precautions.

Nearly 65,000 confirmed flu cases have been recorded across the state in the second-worst flu season on record, according to official figures released on Thursday after the peak of the season.

More than 2930 people have been admitted to hospital across the state with 285 in intensive care.

“Tragically, at least 191 deaths have been recorded associated with the flu so far this year,” Health Minister Steven Miles said.

“Every death is one too many. These were Queenslanders with families and loved ones and prevention has to be a priority for all of us.”

He begged Queenslanders to get vaccinated as the best way to avoid the flu.

“And if you’re sick, stay home,” he said.


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