Large overland powerline tower against a purple, yellow and dark blue sky at sunset, next to a green grassed cricket oval.

Households can soon enjoy more reliable and affordable energy with the completion of upgrades to the Queensland to New South Wales electricity Interconnector (QNI).

Minister for Energy Matt Kean said the $236 million project upgraded 300 kilometres of transmission lines and replaced 58 towers between Liddell, Muswellbrook and Tamworth.

“This vital infrastructure will boost interstate transmission capacity by over 190MW from QLD to NSW, and 460MW from NSW to QLD, making it easier to share lower-cost generation between the two states,” Mr Kean said.

“We expect this priority project to provide net benefits of $170 million to electricity customers and producers.

“It will help to reduce electricity bills for households and provide a more reliable and affordable energy supply for the people who live, work and play in NSW.”

Mr Kean said the QNI is part of the NSW Government’s plan to modernise the infrastructure needed to support the energy transition and cater for forecast increases in energy demand.

“The interconnector upgrades will also support the development of renewable generation in new energy zones across both states, as coal-fired generators retire and we transition towards a grid predominately supplied by renewable energy sources,” Mr Kean said.

“It’s another example of this government getting it done. The NSW Government and the Australian Government provided $102 million of joint-underwriting to facilitate and fast track this project.”

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