Applications for the NSW Government’s Energy Bill Buster program to help households slash their power bills by up to $600 a year open on Monday.

The 2022-23 NSW Budget included $128 million to help up to an initial 30,000 eligible households install solar or replace appliances with more energy efficient ones.

Treasurer and Minister for Energy Matt Kean is urging families to apply for the incentives to cut their bills.

“Around 30,000 households can apply for a free solar system or energy efficient appliance upgrades that can save them up to $600 per year,” Mr Kean said.

“It’s all about taking the pressure off families and putting more money back into household budgets.”
Mr Kean said the Energy Bill Buster program provides eligible households with more choice on how they manage their energy bills.

“This program enables households to make decisions that will deliver long term savings on their energy bills while making clean energy improvements to their homes,” he said.

“You can switch to solar or upgrade your home fittings and appliances, which are tried and tested ways to cut your energy bills year after year.”

Those renting or living in apartments who can’t have solar installed may be eligible to swap their current annual rebate for a suite of energy efficient upgrades, helping to reduce demand on the grid and lower power prices for everyone.

Appliances available in the package include energy efficient fridges, dryers, air-conditioners and hot water systems as well as upgrades such as window shading and draught sealing valued at up to $4000.

The solar offer has been trialled within select regions of NSW and is rolling out statewide to enable more people to save with solar.

The benefits aren’t just for private homeowners and tenants. The solar swap will also be offered to eligible land and housing corporation tenants later this year.

Eligible households include pensioners and Department of Veterans Affairs Gold Card holders receiving the Low Income Household Rebate who can receive 10 years’ worth of rebates upfront to put towards solar or appliance upgrades.

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