It will now be easier and more affordable for suppliers to do business with the NSW Government, with the much anticipated electronic signature mandate now in effect.

From today, all NSW agencies will need to adopt electronic signatures for supplier contracts, which is expected to deliver average savings of $36 per agreement.

“The old process to collect wet-ink signatures can be complicated and time-consuming as users need to print forms and recruit witnesses,” Mr Dominello said.

“Using electronic signatures saves time and reduces operational costs as they are collected online in just minutes, they eliminate the need for paper and printing and are also more secure as only intended recipients can access the documents.

“More than 4000 contracts worth around $150,000 annually will benefit from the system.”

The NSW Government has approved the creation of an electronic signature capability on buy.nsw with a feature for automatically disclosing digitally signed contracts and the registration of government suppliers on the buy.nsw Supplier Hub.

“At the moment NSW government agencies are required to disclose all contracts valued at $150,000 or greater on eTenders within 45 days of signing,” Mr Dominello said.

“This means agencies have to manually upload the relevant contract details onto eTenders which can result in contract reporting being late or incomplete.

“The electronic signature capability will increase speed and efficiency by providing the option to automatically disclose the digitally signed contracts. These measures will eliminate manual processes and reduce the reporting workload, improving compliance with contract reporting.”

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