The NSW Budget week has proved the Liberal-National Government is the only party that has a real plan in providing toll relief for millions of motorists across New South Wales.

Labor Opposition Leader Chris Minns constantly talks about having a plan, but today was found out in his Budget reply, outlining a policy that falls over $120 million per year short of the Coalition’s promise to provide all eligible drivers toll relief of up to $750 per year.

Minister for Metropolitan Roads Natalie Ward says the Labor government would rather play politics than actually come up with sound policy to secure a brighter future for NSW.

“Labor’s Budget reply was all about the headlines, heavy on rhetoric but with none of the detail,” Mrs Ward said.

“Mr Minns has been leader of the Opposition for 384 days and it is clear he has spent most of that time dreaming up scare campaigns rather than coming up with substantive policies that will actually ease cost of living pressures for millions across the state.”

“This is lazy politics from NSW Labor who are running the same tired lines about privatising the Harbour Bridge, despite the NSW Liberals and Nationals Government ruling that out in February.

“This is a lazy way to distract from their own lackluster policy, which is so underwhelming it leads to questions of what other services they are considering cutting or taxes they propose imposing to boost their toll relief policy. What are they hiding?” Mrs Ward said.

Just over a fortnight ago, the NSW Government announced toll relief policy that will cost $520 million over two years to give motorists up to $750 cash back.

In addition, the Coalition are investing $10.4 billion in roads across Sydney including in Western Sydney with more than $1.5 billion allocated towards the Western Sydney Growth Roads program to accommodate population and employment growth in Western Sydney.

Opposition Leader Chris Minns today failed to outline in his Budget response even one major road infrastructure project Labor would commit to in government.

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