NSW children and families will benefit for generations to come, with the 2022-23 NSW Budget committing $15.9 billion to transforming early childhood education, child development and women’s economic participation over the next decade.

Minister for Education and Early Learning Sarah Mitchell said the NSW Government’s visionary investment in the State’s youngest learners was sparking an early learning revolution, making New South Wales the best state to live, work and raise a family.

The 2022-23 NSW Budget includes a multi-million-dollar investment in early childhood education:

• $1.4 billion in recurrent expenses over four years to provide affordable preschool to all families in New South Wales

• $281.6 million in recurrent expenses over four years to increase the number, quality and retention of early childhood educators and teachers

• $111.2 million in recurrent expenses over four years for developmental checks in preschools in both metro and rural areas as part of the Brighter Beginnings initiative

• $24.7 million in recurrent expenses over four years to build system stewardship capability and offer more tailored support and guidance to early childhood education and care service providers

• $37.9 million over three years to improve access to before and after-school care services

This year’s Budget also contains landmark longer-term commitments to early childhood education and care reform, including:

• Up to $5 billion over 10 years to establish an Affordable and Accessible Childcare and Economic Participation Fund

• $5.8 billion over 10 years to introduce a high-quality universal pre-Kindergarten year for all children in New South Wales in the year before school by 2030

• $53.4 million in recurrent expenses over three years for planning, consultation, and early steps in the implementation of universal pre-Kindergarten

“Investing in early childhood is one of the most important things we can do to give children the best start, a smoother transition to school and open up a lifetime of opportunities,” Ms Mitchell said.

“We are leading the way in early childhood, securing a brighter future for all.”

Find more information at: education.nsw.gov.au/early-years-commitment

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