More services for domestic violence victim-survivors, improving safety in our cities and towns, and enhanced initiatives to increase the number of women in trade and non-traditional roles on Government worksites are being delivered as part of the 2022-23 NSW Budget.

Minister for Women’s Safety and the Prevention of Domestic and Sexual Violence Natalie Ward said the Budget boosted investment in successful existing programs as well as funding new initiatives to help victim-survivors and women in the workplace.

“Women’s safety is a priority of the NSW Government and this Budget is investing in programs to improve employment outcomes for women, ensure women feel safe in their communities while continuing to support victim-survivors of domestic violence,” Mrs Ward said.

“Women’s safety is about not just helping those who have experienced domestic violence, but also ensuring women have employment opportunities, feel safe in the workplace and are able to walk home safely at night.

“The Government is investing $43.6 million to expand the Safer Pathway program to support victim-survivors of domestic and family violence by providing a comprehensive wraparound response to increase their safety.

“And $30 million is allocated to create the Safer Cities program, an initiative to upgrade public places across New South Wales, by delivering improved lighting and infrastructure designed to better meet the needs of women and girls.”

In addition, the Budget announced today also includes:

• $20.2 million over four years to go towards breaking down the cultural barriers that stop women from considering a career in construction and non-traditional roles on government worksites

• $18 million for new and upgraded audio-visual facilities in about 50 courts and tribunals

• $8 million over four years to provide court-appointed questioners to ensure that domestic violence victim-survivors are not directly cross-examined by an alleged perpetrator

• $9.7 million over four years for the SafeWork NSW Respect at Work Taskforce, a new specialist taskforce focused on reducing sexual harassment in the workplace.

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