Results from the NSW Government’s innovative check in assessments have given thousands of teachers the information they need to help students catch up following COVID disruptions in 2020 and 2021.

More than 95 per cent of schools used the assessments in Term 4 2021, with the results showing numeracy in primary school students has improved since the learning from home period ended, while secondary school students are taking longer to recover.

The tests reflect the NSW Government’s evidence based approach to education, with the online assessments delivering results back to teachers within 48 hours along with teaching advice on how to help students recover in the identified areas of concern.

Minister for Education and Early Learning Sarah Mitchell said the tests were designed in the midst of COVID to help teachers identify and support the learning areas their students were struggling in after the impacts of the pandemic.

“Our teachers are using the check in assessment data to identify individual students who need extra help, and then implementing the targeted literacy and numeracy supports suggested as part of the check in results,” Ms Mitchell said.

“The NSW Government’s $720 million COVID Intensive Learning Support Program is also making use of the check in data, to boost learning through targeted small group tuition which has already helped 265,000 students since it was as first introduced a year ago.”

Teachers have more time to focus on this since our winter plan cleared some requirements from teachers’ desks, allowing them to focus on boosting student learning, attendance, behaviour and well-being

Following the success of the check in assessments, additional on demand, online assessments and improvements to the existing tests are currently in development.

“The new check in assessments will expand beyond reading and numeracy to support teachers to implement the new NSW curriculum.”

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