Some of the state’s most disadvantaged young people are being supported to complete their studies and excel as part of the NSW Government’s Youth Development Scholarships program.

Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell said more than 4,700 students have been supported by the scholarship program since it was established in 2017.

“These grants help students better engage in their studies by reducing the financial burden,” Ms Mitchell said.

“A good education is the foundation for further success and a sense of achievement.”

Minister for Families and Communities Natasha Maclaren-Jones said a record 1,267 students across NSW will receive $1,000 scholarships from the NSW Government to help them finish school and realise their full potential.

“We’re investing in young people who need financial support, so they can have the opportunities they deserve,” Mrs Maclaren-Jones said.

“Everyone should have access to education. These scholarships are helping open doors that may lead to employment, further studies and a secure future for our young people.”

The scholarship program, now in its sixth year, supports young people living in social housing or on the housing register, students receiving private rental assistance, or those living in crisis supported accommodation or out-of-home care.

The funds can be used to help pay for education-related expenses such as textbooks, IT equipment and internet access.

Benjamin, is an Aboriginal man, who is studying a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law at Sydney University, and was accepted into the Government and International Relation’s Honours program in 2023.

Benjamin said he would not have been able to achieve this goal without the support of the Youth Development Scholarship.

“Having a scholarship meant that someone believed in me and was invested in my future and getting into university,” Ben said.

“I used the scholarship money to buy a laptop, some textbooks and other equipment. The funds helped me when I was in high school and I still experience the benefits of the scholarship now that I’m at University.”

Member for East Hills Wendy Lindsay said it was a great opportunity for the areas most vulnerable students to achieve their education goals.

“Removing financial barriers that can prevent youth from achieving their academic ambitions is so important for their future,” Mrs Lindsay said.

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