Free RATs starting to arrive in NSW

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet says that rapid tests ordered by the state have started arriving so the rollout of free ones to frontline workers will begin soon.

That is already having in Victoria, where many PCR testing centres are also offering RATs where appropriate.

“We have already started to see the commencement of arrivals of our rapid antigen test orders that we have put in and we will work through the provision of those tests in areas where we see appropriate,” he says.

This may not just be to frontline workers, he says.

They may also be handed out for free “in circumstances that support service delivery across the board and once that has been determined, as the tests come in, we will make the announcements”.

He says it is “obviously very clear” there are severe shortages of RATs across the state but that his “expectation” would be that this improves nationally soon.

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