Qld records 1539 new cases

Queensland has recorded 1539 new cases as the state moves towards a negative rapid antigen test to allow interstate arrivals to enter the state.

There are 6368 active cases in the state, no cases are in ICU.

From January 1 the rapid antigen test will replace the PCR test. NSW and Victoria have been critical of “tourism testing”, saying it was placing increasing pressure on testing.

Queensland Chief Health Officer Dr John Gerrard says 80 per cent of the state’s cases are now omicron. While the case is proving to be more infectious, he says it is proving less severe, particularly for those already vaccinated.

“I mentioned before there are no cases of COVID 19 in intensive care or ventilated and I think this is one of the most critical numbers to monitor when we’re getting some gauge of how severe this disease actually is,” he says.

“Looking at that intensive care number in particular is useful as a gauge of the severity of the disease. So, we do have 93 people in hospital at the moment with COVID-19. But we know that the majority of them are not there because they’ve been treated for symptoms of COVID-19.”

Over 86 per cent of Queenslanders aged 12 years and over have received two doses of vaccine.

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