Victoria calls for immediate shortening of third dose period

Victoria continues to push for a shortening of the timing of the third dose to four months, saying it is necessary to quell transmission of the omicron variant.

“The interval needs to be shortened and the interval needs to be shortened immediately,” acting Premier James Merlino says

“That’s the view of Victoria. That’s the view of NSW. That’s the view of jurisdictions across the country. It is the clear public health advice we are getting.”

“The interval needs to be shortened, and it needs to be shortened immediately.”

Asked about evidence that shortening the dose period can reduce vaccine effectiveness, Chief Health Officer Professor Brett Sutton says he wants the period shortened because of the rapid spread of omicron.

“We can’t say with absolute certainty. Ad that is why this is not an easy space to provide advice in order to lead a position, but we need to respond to what is in front of us right now as an immediate and urgent concern,” Sutton says.

“That is my view, and I know that people are at risk without the booster dose and I want to see them, especially those that are most at risk, have access to the booster.”

“We have got an immediate challenge. You have got thousands upon thousands of people who have had two doses who are not yet boosted who we know are still at significant risk if they have got pre-existing conditions or if they are very elderly.

“We can’t just think about how it might things look in April of next year.

“We need to think about what the immediate challenge is for those individuals who are not sufficiently protected until they have got that booster.

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