China Clothing Textiles Accessories Expo Opening Online

On December 7, the “China Clothing Textiles Accessories Expo”, hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of The People’s Republic of China is officially opening on the online platform. Using the digital exhibition platform, Chinese and Australian enterprises share trade online.

This digital exhibition attracted more than 140 Chinese high-quality brand enterprises to exhibit, and more than 1,000 international buyers registered online.

The exhibit products such as apparel, clothing, home apparel, apparel, shoes, Anti-epidemic supplies, etc. in conjunction with the local market of Australia, effectively enhance the will of local enterprises to cooperate and develop with Chinese enterprises, promote “China Brand” to go global, weave the global industrial chain and value chain, create business negotiation docking accounts to match supply and demand, and provide a real-time, accurate and efficient docking platform for both Chinese and foreign suppliers and buyers.

The digital exhibition lasts for 3 days and closes on December 9.

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