Borders staying open

Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews has welcomed the reopening of Australia’s international borders, a return to pre-pandemic normality she says isn’t going away.

“I’m very confident the borders are now open and they will remain open,” she told Seven.

“We have very high levels of vaccination rates – we’ve always said that is going to be key to reopening. We know how to manage the virus. Yes, there will be issues along the way, but we believe they are all manageable.

“We have a good strong health system here and we have people in Australia who are prepared to do what it takes to make sure that there are a high level of freedoms here.

“So I’m confident that the international borders will remain open and that we will see in the future cohorts of skilled workers coming in here; we will see students coming in; we will see our tourists coming back into Australia. So from here, there is no looking back.”

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