Fully vaccinated made up 12pc of cases in NSW

The latest NSW surveillance report shows the fully vaccinated made up 12 per cent of coronavirus cases a few days before the state’s reopening on October 11.

For the week ending October 9, the report released yesterday says the unvaccinated made up more than 59 per cent of locally acquired cases, or 2421 of 4087, up slightly from 57.1 per cent the previous week.

The fully vaccinated made up 12 per cent, up slightly from 10.9 per cent, and the partially vaccinated made up 15.8 per cent, which was similar to the previous week.

At the time, 60 per cent of adults aged 16 and older had been fully vaccinated more than two weeks previously.

Hospitalisations included 5.6 per cent for the fully vaccinated from June 16 to October 9 and 65.7 per cent for the unvaccinated.

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