Victoria sticking to national plan for returning international travellers

Victoria is sticking to the more cautious national cabinet international traveller plan, and will continue to test home quarantine, Health Minister Martin Foley says.

“For the international travel they are issues, from the Victorian government’s mind, for the Commonwealth government,” Foley says.

“We have signed up to a national process through national cabinet to be as consistent as possible around those arrangements. What New South Wales do is a matter for them. We wish them every success.”

Foley says Victoria signed up to the national cabinet plan for the reopening of international borders.

“We are participating in the trial of home-based quarantine as part of that arrangement and that is what with will do.

“Our hotel quarantine system continues to be in place, it continues to deliver on the caps for the international returnees.

“Our quarantine system will continue to evolve as our vaccination levels grow and as double-dosed returnees return to Australia, be they Australians, be they others, in accordance with the national cabinet plan.”

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