Victorian vaccination rates surging

Victoria’s second dose rates are rising quickly with the state about to reach the important 60 per cent vaccination coverage.

“We are now at 86 per cent of the 16 years and over population who have had their first dose of COVID-19 and we are sitting at yesterday, 59.8 per cent of the Victorian community had had their second dose,” Health Minister Martin Foley said.

“Clearly, we will pass into the 60 per cent of double dose Victorian community today.”

Foley reported hospitalisations has remained stable with 675 admitted to wards, slightly down on the 675 reported yesterday.

Intensive care admissions are up, with 144 in acute care and 100 on ventilators. Admissions have risen steadily since the start of the month when 87 were in acute care.

Of the eight deaths two were aged in the 40 and 50s.

There are 90,627 active cases associated with the outbreak.

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