NSW pushing for international border to reopen

NSW wants to lead the reopening of the international border, says NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet.

“We can’t live here, like a hermit kingdom, on the other side of the world. We’ve got to rejoin the world,” Perrottet says.

“We want returning Australians to come back, and if NSW can play a role in helping other states, bring their Australians [home], we want to be part of that.”

“New South Wales has an important role to play here, because we’re coming, because our vaccination rate is higher, and because we’re leading the nation coming out of this”

“If we can help other states in terms of their attorney Australians as well. I’m very happy to do that because if we can get as many Australians home by Christmas Eve.”

Perrottet says he is discussing with the federal government how to deal with staff shortages.

“It’s come through today a fair bit, I’m sure it’s going to be an issue going forward, and we’ve been in discussions with the federal government in terms of labour shortages, and this is an issue that’s going to face our state and the nation.

“There will be challenges, but I believe that our state is poised and ready. And that is on our people, this is not the government, who have been the ones that have been able to make this decision today, it has been the great work, the efforts, the sacrifice [of] everybody across the state.”

New Treasurer Matt Keane says business closures have cost the state $1 billion a week.

“We know that the restrictions have cost the economy $1 billion a week. That’s a huge amount of money,” Keane says.

Keane signals this number will remain significant, saying the cost to the state economy will continue to be around half a billion dollars.

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