NSW easing of restrictions on Monday

70 per cent vaccination threshold

* A maximum of 10 visitors (not counting children 12 and under) will be allowed in a home from Monday, up from five

*The cap on outdoor gatherings will be lifted from 20 to 30 people

*The cap for weddings and funerals increases from 50 to 100 people

*Indoor pools will be re-opened for swimming lessons, squad training, lap swimming, and rehab activities.

80 per cent vaccination threshold

*Up to 20 visitors (excluding children 12 and under) will be allowed at home on the Monday after the state clears the 80 per cent double vaccination, up from 10

*Up to 50 people will be allowed to gather outdoors (previously 20).

*Up to 3,000 people will be allowed to attend controlled and ticketed outdoor events (previously 500)

*Nightclubs will be permitted to reopen for seated drinking only but with no dancing

*Masks will no longer be required in office buildings.

*All school students will return to on site learning by October 25, with the second and third stages of the return to school plan now combined. Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 12 students will still return to face-to-face learning on October 18

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