First doses pass 80pc after record vaccination day

There’s some good new data on the vaccine rollout from the federal government this morning.

Tuesday was a record day, with 350,856 doses completed nationally, helped by the catch up from the public holiday on Monday in some states.

Now 80.5 per cent of Australians 16 and older have had their first dose.

More than 29 million doses have been completed, and more than 12 million Australians are now fully vaccinated (12,032,883).

Here’s a breakdown by age:

– 16-year-olds and older: 80.5 per cent first dose, and 58.4 per cent with both doses
– 50-year-olds 90.6 per cent first dose and 73.9 per cent with both doses
– 70-year-olds 95.6 per cent first doses, and 80.5 per cent with both doses

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