NSW reports 1281 new cases, 12 dead

NSW has reported 1284 new local coronavirus cases and 12 deaths. It’s the third day in a row it has reported 12 coronavirus-related fatalities and the fourth time during this pandemic.

– Of the 12 dead, two were women in their 20s. One had one dose of a vaccine, the other was unvaccinated. The deceased ranged in age from their 20s to their 90s.

– The state will begin a home quarantine trial for returned travellers and air crew later this month.

– Quarantine will run for seven days and people will be regularly tested. Positive COVID-19 cases will have to isolate for a 14-day period.

– Some 175 people will take part in the trial, including 50 Qantas staff and 125 returning travellers.

– The returnees will have to be fully vaccinated, with non-Qantas trial cases selected by NSW Health and NSW Police. They will be informed before the arrive in Australia.

– If the trial is successful, it will expand “rapidly”, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian says.

– People will not be charged for home quarantine. They will be transported home by health authorities.

– Only those who are fully vaccinated by a vaccine accredited by Australia’s pharmaceuticals watchdog can take part in the trial, so that is only people who have had Pfizer, AstraZeneca or Moderna vaccines.

– The NSW government is open to expanding the lockdown’s current five-kilometre travel limit to 10 kilometres if health authorities give it the OK.

– Berejiklian is also open to other freedoms being granted ahead of the state reaching its target of 70 per cent of over-16s fully vaccinated.

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