Rent relief for Victorian tenants

The Victorian government is providing rental relief for tenants who have lost at least 20 per cent of their income because of COVID restrictions.

“This program will provide a one-off grant of up to $1500 to Victorians who have lost income as a result of the COVID pandemic and are obviously experiencing rental hardship,” Housing Minister Richard Wynne said.

Mr Wynne said the one-off payment is for renters paying more than 30 per cent of their income in rent to help maintain them in safe and affordable accommodation.

The Victorian government announced a rent relief package for renters who have lost at least 20 per cent of their income as a result of the latest outbreak, since May 27 this year.

Under the scheme a grant of up to $1500 will be paid via their landlords. Singles will need to earn less than $62,860 and couples will need to earn no more than $94,300.

People will also need to have less than $2000 in savings.

“We are also asking the landlords as they did last year to show a level of compassion to people who find themselves in sometimes very, very desperate circumstances, insecure work, unable to work, they’ve lost their hours,” Mr Wynne said.

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