Victoria has 76 new cases and 31 mystery cases

Victoria has reported a slight rise in cases to 76 today, up from 73 yesterday, pushing the seven-day average to 72, from 68.

Of the new cases, 45 are linked to known outbreaks.

Victoria will look for a “sweet spot” of cases where it can manage within acceptable levels of cases, says Andrews.

He says meetings tonight will try to find “a sweet spot that is not zero, but it’s not so high” that it will inevitably lead to thousands of cases.

“This will be the first instalment if we can add things to this along the way,” he said. “We have been working on this for quite some time.”

“It’ll be focused very much as it should be on the numbers of people out in the community that we can cope with.“

He said insisted that Victoria was still following the national roadmap.

“Once we get to it 80 per cent nationally the plan absolutely kicks in. From then, we will be much less focused on case numbers will be much more focused on vaccination.

“That’s why I don’t agree with this notion that cases doesn’t matter. They don’t matter less when we get to 80 per cent but at 35 per cent (vaccine coverage) they matter a lot.”

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