Victoria says the outbreak is stabilising

The Victorian outbreak is stabilising according to Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton.

“We are hoping to see a trend, and maybe it’s stabilising over the last few days over the last few days,” Sutton says.

His comments were endorsed by Minister Foley.

“As Brett indicated the situation we hope has plateaued and there’s every indication that the measures are starting to kick in.“

Sutton says cases are not exploding

“We are in a much, much better position than we might have been with exponential growth from the beginning of this outbreak,” Sutton says.

“The number of days from when we had 50 cumulative cases in July.

“It is relatively flat compared to how it took off in NSW.

“That is both a tribute to everything that Victorians are doing in terms of following the rules and fantastic work of our contact tracers it still sees a really significant number linked and manages those known and linked cases, really effectively.

“But it’s a huge effort required for the delta variant, and it only takes us dropping our guard, just a little bit for that transmission with the delta variant to occur to household members and within the community.

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