NSW September, October will be the ‘most difficult’

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian earlier warned September and October will be the most difficult for NSW.

The government will look at easing restrictions next month in parts of Sydney where cases are low but vaccine uptake is high.But Berejiklian says the months ahead will be tough as the state looks at getting 70 per cent of its population fully vaccinated by late October.

“[September and October] will be our most difficult months,” she says.

“The challenge for us as a team and a government in NSW will be how can we keep our citizens safe and as free as possible during those difficult months.

“And once we get to six million jabs, we’ll be able to consider opportunities for what we might be able to do in September and October that we can’t currently do.”

She said case numbers would continue to get worse before improving long-term.

“We envisage that case numbers in the next two or three weeks will bounce around and are likely to rise substantially, and we have to brace ourselves for that,” Berejiklian said.

“But our key aim will be keeping people out of hospital and keeping people alive and that’s why the vaccination rate obviously helps us with that.”

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