Under 40s drive vaccine surge

A jump in younger Australians taking up AstraZeneca is contributing to the accelerated COVID-19 vaccine rollout around the country, with more than 114,000 doses administered to under 40s last month.

Demand for the AstraZeneca jab has fluctuated this year, amid reports of rare but serious blood clots occurring as a side effect and changing advice from vaccine experts, the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI).

Figures provided to The Australian Financial Review by the Department of Health showed 41,319 AstraZeneca doses went to under 40s around Australia in April.

More than 78,400 people received AstraZeneca jabs from GPs in June, rising to 114,498 people in July, which was a 46 per cent lift. Across all age groups, and both vaccines, 4.6 million doses were delivered in July, which was 39 per cent more than in June.

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