New coronavirus cases in NSW jump to 112

NSW has recorded 112 new local COVID-19 cases, marking the worst day of the Greater Sydney outbreak to date.

Of the 112 cases in the 24 hours to 8pm on Sunday, at least 46 were out in the community for part or all of their infectious period.

“Family or close friends, unfortunately, bear the brunt of those 112 we have seen overnight,” Premier Gladys Berejiklian said on Monday.

“If you put yourself at risk, you’re putting your entire family – and that means extended family, as well as your closest friends and associates – at risk.”

NSW has now recorded almost 680 COVID-19 cases in the community since June 16, when the Bondi cluster first emerged.

Some 18 COVID-19 patients in NSW are in intensive care, with four ventilated.

The state and federal governments, meanwhile, continue to nut out additional financial aid as the Greater Sydney lockdown drags on.

Ms Berejiklian warned on Sunday it was “highly unlikely” lockdown provisions in Greater Sydney and surrounds will be lifted as scheduled on Friday.

The state government has already committed $1.4 billion to businesses amid the lockdown, with further announcements to come this week.

Meanwhile, a “graphic” COVID-19 advertisement began airing on Sydney television screens on Sunday to highlight the seriousness of the disease.

In the ad, a young woman in a hospital bed gasps for air.

NSW Health late on Sunday advised of multiple new exposure sites in Fairfield and Fairfield Heights, including a number of medical centres and pharmacies. A Kogarah fish shop is also in the spotlight. People who have visited any of the sites are being told to get tested and self-isolate.

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