Pharmacies could deliver jabs in rural NSW

Pharmacists could soon be part of a pilot plan delivering coronavirus vaccines to people living in remote NSW communities.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the government was negotiating with the Pharmacy Guild to devise a plan to improve access to the jab in the regions.

“Our particular focus is on those communities that don’t have GPs, don’t have NSW Health, those communities that are more remote,” the premier said on Tuesday.

“They will be our first pilot.”

An announcement will be made in the “very near future”, she said, but NSW Health is still working through logistical problems.

“The challenge to pharmacies will be having the refrigeration available for various vaccines, but (we’re) also going through the consent issues.”

As with all other inoculations, informed consent is needed before each COVID-19 vaccine dose is administered.

It comes as NSW creeps towards the milestone of two million doses distributed.

As of Monday, 1,718,964 doses have been administered in NSW, with 12,653 in the previous 24 hours.

NSW Health thanked communities visited by two infected Melbourne travellers for their response to a testing push, with the state again recording no new local cases on Monday.

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