Qantas could offer vaccine travel rewards

Qantas could soon offer frequent flyer points and other incentives to Australians who get the coronavirus vaccine.

The airline has flagged an incentive scheme to boost vaccination rates and reopen state and international borders.

Travel vouchers and credits could also be up for grabs.

“As a large company that relies on travel to put our people and planes back to work, we’re obviously motivated to help with the national vaccine effort,” Qantas customer officer Stephanie Tully said on Friday.

“We’re still thinking through how this would work, but the incentive could be Qantas points, Qantas or Jetstar flight vouchers, or status credits for frequent flyers.”

The national carrier is expected to offer about 1000 Qantas points to people who get vaccinated, which equates to between $20 to $25 in value.

“Qantas is a big supporter of Australia’s vaccine rollout because of what it means for public health, but also because it’s the key to keeping our domestic borders open and safely restarting international travel as well,” Ms Tully said.

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