Virus concerns put summer travel on hold

Hopes of an explosion in Australians using their tourism dollars travelling the country this summer with international borders remaining shut may have been a little optimistic.

Less than half of Australians intend to travel for holidays between November and February, compared with over three-in-four people who would normally travel at this time of year.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics found reasons for not travelling included COVID-19 restrictions (44 per cent), concerns about the risk of COVID-19 (30 per cent) and “too much uncertainty” (23 per cent).

Among those intending to travel within a month of COVID-19 restrictions easing, just over half were likely to travel within their own state or territory.

One in five plan to travel to another state or territory, while just seven per cent were up to the risk of travelling overseas.

The findings were in the bureau’s household impacts of COVID-19 survey for October, a special series introduced to see how Australians are coping with the pandemic.

The survey found just over half of Australians would definitely get a COVID-19 test if they woke up with mild symptoms of a respiratory infection.

The bureau’s Michelle Marquardt said the likelihood of someone getting a test increased if symptoms were more severe, with over four in five saying they would get tested in these circumstances.

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