Dangerous storms forecast for Queensland

Much of southeast Queensland could be lashed by dangerous storms which have the potential to inflict flash flooding, giant hail and destructive winds.

Severe thunderstorms and isolated “supercells” are possible for areas between Toowoomba and the Sunshine Coast and north to Bundaberg throughout Tuesday, the Bureau of Meteorology reported.

“It’s expected to be most active in the afternoon and as we head into the evening,” meteorologist Rosa Hoff said.

If severe thunderstorms develop, they’re likely to whip up severe weather, such as intense rain and massive hail stones.

“That could include damaging wind gusts in excess of 90 km/h or destructive wind gusts in excess of 125 km/h,” Ms Hoff said.

The storms could also bring hail, measuring more than 5cm, and heavy rain that could lead to localised flash flooding, she added.

“The threat of the storm development does extend overnight and will continue into tomorrow morning,” she said.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services have warned people to move their cars under cover and secure loose outdoor items.

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