SA food industry of supply issues

South Australia’s food industry has been urged to put plans in place to deal with any supply issues related to the COVID-19 shutdown in Victoria.

In a bulletin to local producers, Food South Australia says the situation continues to be “highly dynamic”, with a heightened risk likely in SA in the coming weeks.

“As we can now see from the restrictions affecting production and supply in Victoria, it is essential to be prepared,” chief executive Catherine Sayer said.

“It is recommended that businesses consider working in crews as the more compartmentalised a workforce is, the better protection the business has.

“It is critical to all businesses that clear provision to minimise cross-infection is in place.”

Ms Sayer said Food SA was also reviewing its COVID-19 protocols to support businesses dealing with cross-border supply chain issues.

“As we know, the food and beverage sector is a key contributor to our state’s economy and will undoubtedly continue to play an important part as South Australia aims to recover from current challenges,” she said.

The shutdown in Victoria has already prompted rush on some supermarket items in South Australia, including toilet paper.

But local officials said work was being done to ensure the continued supply of fresh food and other products and there was no need for customers to panic buy.

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