Further deepened cooperation between Ai English and Pearson lend itself to the joint efforts in creating a new pattern and build the future classroom

On 22 June, the 2020 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held by Retech Technology witnessed a deepened strategic cooperation between Retech Ai English and Pearson Group, the world-renowned education industry giant. Due to the sweeping pandemic situation, Mr. Lin Guozhang, Managing Director of Pearson Greater China and India, was unable to arrive onsite to sign the contract in person. Instead, he participated in and witnessed the signing of the contract online and delivered a speech remotely. He expressed his high affirmation and appreciation for Ai English, showing his confidence and expectation for the prospect of cooperation between the two parties.

Yang Binbin, General Manager of Retech Ai English China, and Fei Chenglong, Sales Director of Pearson China, signed the “Cooperation Agreement for Online Foreign Teacher Service between Ai English and Pearson“. As the only online foreign teacher service partner of Pearson’s new version of Big English textbooks, Retech Ai English provides online foreign teacher services for schools and educational institutions based on the A-Teacher co-teaching classroom mode. In the classroom, the two parties will jointly develop standards for foreign teacher training and certification in the hope of accelerating the development of the education industry.

In the past six months, due to the impact of COVID-19, offline teaching could not be carried out and hence many educational institutions have turned to online teaching, which has become an opportunity and accelerator for the transformation of OMO (online and offline integration) in educational institutions.  However, for many education industry practitioners, the road to OMO transformation is not smooth. It is difficult to achieve the ideal teaching effect simply by copying the offline courses online. The lack of high-quality foreign teachers, difficulty in managing these resources, the fragmentation of online course content, and the single form of online teaching have become several prominent issues faced by educational institutions in their transformation.

Retech Ai English has high-quality and stable foreign teacher resources and technical platforms, while Pearson’s advantage lies in course resources and the online teaching framework. Pearson’s online foreign teacher solution relies on the educational and prestigious school resources as well as physical education facilities of Ai English in Australia, which ensures the professional background and continuous supply of foreign teachers and realizes the improvement and management of foreign teacher services. As the only online foreign teacher service partner of Pearson’s new version of the Big English textbooks, Ai English will also work with Pearson to conduct professional training, assessment and teaching supervision for foreign teachers based on Pearson’s curriculum. Moreover, at the end of the training, Ai English will issue certificates to qualified foreign teachers who have passed the examination to ensure that teachers have a correct understanding of the Pearson curriculum system and teaching methods, grasp the key points of the curriculum, and truly provide students with quality educational products and teaching services with a more international perspective. At the same time, based on the excellent foreign language teaching resources and the advantages of live broadcasting technology, Pearson’s online foreign teacher solution adopts the teaching method provided by the Australian foreign teacher in the live studio, which enables strong interaction and restores the characteristics of the real classroom scene. In addition, in line with the specific needs of schools and institutions, the two options, “co-teaching class” and “small class (study-at-home)” are introduced for education and training institutions to choose in a flexible way.

In addition to the 33% increase in the number of users in the first quarter of this year, the most remarkable thing about Retech Ai English‘s performance over the past six months is its partnerships with a number of schools and leading companies in the education industry. This is not the first time for Ai English has been associated with Pearson. As early as the beginning of this year, both parties reached a strategic cooperation intention. Ai English developed a digital courseware tailored for online co-teaching based on Pearson’s BIG series of textbooks, and both organisations have also launched cooperation in the field of paper books and digital resources.

About Pearson

As one of the world’s leading education groups, Pearson has operations in more than 70 countries and regions, providing high-quality educational resources and education services to more than 1.3 billion people worldwide. Pearson is also a global leader in publishing English textbooks and reading materials, conducting English language assessment and digital learning. Classic textbooks such as “New Concept English”, “Family Album U.S.A.”, and “Follow Me” were introduced and published by Chinese publishing houses, marking a milestone in the field of English teaching in China. Since the 1990s, classic textbooks and readings such as “Junior Middle School English” and “Senior High School English” published in cooperation with the People’s Education Press have influenced the English learning of several generations of Chinese people.

Over the years, Pearson’s business has been extended to a range of educational services, including teaching materials development, examinations, teacher training, etc., on the basis of educational publishing. In recent years, in the market environment of the Internet era, Pearson is also stepping up its digital transformation. Online foreign teacher service is the area where Pearson is focusing on to create new business growth and hopes to achieve innovation and a win-win by working with local partners.

About Retech Ai English Co-teaching Class

Retech Ai English is an Internet education brand for young children’s English learning, established by the Retech Group. It uses Australian (because of the minimal time difference) foreign teaching resources to provide teachers and teaching services for English learners around the world.

Ai English focuses on English education for young children aged 3 to 16. With the combination of “online + offline” co-teaching class and high-quality and stable foreign teacher resources, Ai English breaks the boundaries of time and space and introduces Australian high-quality foreign teachers into Chinese English classrooms by virtue of online interactive live streaming technology. Relying on its own unique advantages and core competitiveness, Ai English followed the trend and ushered in a golden development period in 2020, becoming the only online foreign teacher service partner of Pearson’s latest version of the Big English textbook, providing online foreign teacher services for schools and educational institutions.

For education and training institutions, Year 2020 is a huge test of survival, whereas for enterprises with extensive digital industry experience, it also presents unlimited opportunities. In the period ahead, an online and offline co-teaching education model as the mainstream will play an increasingly important role in the development of education. The in-depth cooperation between Retech Ai English and Pearson this time is in line with market and industry trends. In the future, both parties will use technology to drive English learning, empower the entire industry with high-quality teachers and customized textbooks, and strive to achieve an optimal integration of technology and education, so as to create immersive personalized learning experiences, and provide a comprehensive solution for traditional education and training institutions to deeply integrate online and offline learning that will truly represent a future classroom.

Gold shines after impurity disappears.  Only the most intelligent and adaptable would thrive in the current challenging times. The cooperation between the two enterprises, which have been deeply engaged in their respective fields for many years, is bound to bring new horizons for the industry and provide more suitable excellent solutions for the market demand!

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