Melbourne Crown staff protest job security

Crown employees will rally outside the Melbourne casino on Friday over claims of job insecurity.

United Voice members will protest near the Merrywell Restaurant at the casino complex from 6pm on Friday, after the union released a report saying 70 per cent of workers on the enterprise bargaining agreement are in part time or casual work.

Of the 612 part time and casual staff surveyed by United Voice, 72 per cent said their hours were not enough to make ends meet and 45 per cent have a second job to get by.

“It’s really hard to get a secure job at Crown,” casino dealer Mary Sok said in a statement.

“I’ve worked there for over nine years and I’m still on part time.”

The rally is the second planned for Crown on Friday, with members of the African-Australian community also planning to protest over allegations of racial discrimination.

Crown has come under scrutiny in recent months over allegations of money laundering, drug dealing, organised crime and rigged machines at the Southbank casino.

NBA star Ben Simmons also accused a Crown security guard of rejecting his entry because of his race, before he was eventually let through by a different guard.

Crown has been contacted for comment.


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