Chinese Silk and Shanghai Cheongsam International Cultural Exchange with Australia Held at the Sydney Opera House


On the 3rd of August , 2019, Australia Ruilin International Exchange & Investment Co., Ltd. hosted the “Chinese Silk and Shanghai Style Cheongsam International Cultural Exchange with Australia” at the beautiful Sydney Opera House.


<Photo 1.Lv Gang, President ofShanghai Silk Group, and Zhang Xianfang, JP, President of the world Cheongsam Culture Association, gave awards to participating groups>

The Exchange, sponsored by Shanghai Silk Group Cultural Development Co., Ltd. and Australian Zhong Hua Qing Association, received wide attention and was a great success. Earlier on August 1st, the two organizations jointly held a series of cultural activities at the University of Western Sydney, as part of the Exchange. It was another major event organized by the Australian Zhong Hua Qing Association and Shanghai Silk Group Cultural Development Co., Ltd., following the “World’s Largest Chinese Cheongsam Performance” held in Sydney Opera House in November 2016.


<Photo 2. The International Cultural Exchange Event for Chinese Silk and Cheongsam, held in the University of Western Sydney.>
China’s silk and cheongsam culture has a long history, bringing great beauty and enjoyment to life. The host and sponsors hope to promote international exchange of silk culture.

At present, more and more Australians like silk and wish to learn its cultural background. This time, a series of activities on silk culture were launched to deepen Australian people’s understanding of Chinese silk culture, and to promote exchange and cooperation between the two cultures.

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