A smart way to save on the essentials for you Chinese New Year celebrations

With Chinese New Year fast approaching, families are busy planning their family feast. Some may hope to invite close friends and families over to celebrate this most important festival of the year.

Being smart shoppers, we are always in the look out for ways that help us save. There is a free app that allows shoppers to compare products across major suprermarkests including Woolworths, Coles, ALDI, IGA, Foodland and Drakes. You can create store and brand-specific shopping lists and optimise these lists by cheapest price sorting, and get the best deals – the Frugl Groceries Price Comparison App!

Frugl’s table below shares how much shoppers may save and we are comparing the prices between Coles and Woolworths as an example, with some suggested ingredients to create their Chinese New Year feast for 8 people.

Thawed Raw Lobster Tails$9.50 each x 4 = $38.00Thawed Raw Lobster Tails$9.00 each x 4 = $36.00
Australian Cooked Tiger Prawns$30.00 per kgAustralian Cooked Tiger Prawns$34.00 per kg
Free Range Whole Chicken$9.90 per kg x 1.5 kg = $14.85Free Range Whole Chicken$6.50 per kg x 1.5 kg = $9.75
Fresh Sydney Rock Oysters 12 Pack$18.00Fresh Sydney Rock Oysters 12 Pack$17.00
Slow Cooked Beef Brisket$22.50 per kg x 800g = $18.00Slow Cooked Beef Brisket*$20.00 per kg x 800g = $16.00
Pork Belly$19.00 per kg x 1.3kg = $24.70Pork Belly$19.00 per kg x 1.3kg = $24.70
Broccolini Bunch$3.00 each x 3 = $9.00Broccolini Bunch$3.00 each x 3 = $9.00
Iceberg Lettuce$3.30 eachIceberg Lettuce$3.90 each
Calypso Mangoes$2.90 each x 3 = $8.70Calypso Managoes$3.50 x 3 = $10.50
Fresh Strawberries$2.00 @250g Fresh Strawberries$2.50 @250g
Total cost
Saving by shopping at Woolworths is $3.20
Savings by shopping for ingredients at the best prices is $10.10

*This product comes in 700g package only. Using 800g to show fair price comparison.

If a saving of $10 is little to you just think that this is just one dinner. Imagine how much you could possibly save in a month with three meals a day and from other household items by using the Frugl app (available on iOS and Android devices)!

Note: Prices are updated weekly following the price adjustments by the supermarkets and will vary depending on quantity.

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